About Us?

Econometria is a consulting firm that responds to the needs of its clients using applied research techniques, with flexibility and ability to adapt to different topics and contexts; supported in an organizational culture that stimulates the active participation of its collaborators.

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How do We do It?

We form teams capable of meeting our customers’ needs by analyzing information and creating knowledge; this enables you to improve your decision - making process.



What we want?

We want to be a consulting firm recognized nationally and internationally for the impact on the decision making of its clients as a result of the quality, rigor and independence of its services.

Ascertainable incidence in the decision making of our clients

Development and innovation

Notable human capital

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Our Culture

Responsible flexibility, Leadership based on knowledge, Space to grow, propose and develop ideas, Kind place to work, Permanent learning and interaction environment, Relationships based on mutual confidence, Construction of solutions in team